Singapore Noodles with Tempeh from Robin Robertson’s  1000 Vegan Recipes was a recipe I’d been eyeing for some time now, but since I’d never had cabbage, I hadn’t made. So I finally set out one weekend to make it, and during the weekend trip to the supermarket, I made a point to grab a package of coleslaw mix to use for the recipe.

It had a peanut, coconut, garlic, ginger sauce and I knew it would be delightful. Once home, I began cooking. Now, to be fair, I used pre-packaged tempeh I’d gotten previously because I have yet to find any plain tempeh in stores. So I fried that up, and then put it into a bowl while I prepared the rest of the stir-fry. I didn’t bother blending the sauce ingredients together in a food processor, but I found that with a bit of stirring, the sauce melded together nicely enough for me to see the worth in not dirtying another dish for dinner’s prep. I made the rice noodles, and cooked them better this time- I boiled them for less time, and then once they were done, I tossed them in my pan of stir-fried veggies and coated them around in the sauce.

The taste was phenomenal. I’d used the Sesame Garlic Tempeh, so it gave it a real zing when you got one of those pieces. But even without the tempeh, the dish was stunning. Creamy, light, and the cabbage. Oh the cabbage. It was perfect in the stir fry- a revelation.

All in all this dish was a major hit, surely on the list of re-makes to come.


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