Tonight’s dinner changed the way I will view vegan burger patties forever. Pecan-Lentil Burgers from 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson will forever be the burger patty by which all other recipes are compared to, I’m sure of it. Once again, this book has proven to be invaluable and created a dish that was just phenomenal.

The key to this dish, is as the recipe indicates- lentils which are not wet. I took the time to grill them in a pan to dry them off, and it was well worth my efforts. I used the pan, since I knew I would be using is anyway to cook the actual burgers in, so I wasn’t really making any more dishes dirty. And while the rest of the recipe is a bit fussy with needing both my food processors (one to grind the pecans to a pulp) it’s still very quick to assemble, and they’re in the frying pan in no time. It’s got no ingredients that require pre-cooking like quinoa or rice, so this really can be made in a snap.

Once everything was combined in the processor, the result was a mixture that clumped nicely together and actually smelled like it could be beef. They shaped very nicely into patties that held together incredibly well.  I used about ¼ cup for each one and it came out into 6 good sized patties for me. The real treat for me while preparing these? Unlike traditional burgers made with ground beef that’s needed to be in the refrigerator, this mixture was nicely warm due to cooking the lentils. The whole experience was really quite pleasant.


Frying the patties in the pan, smelled fantastic, and got me so excited for my first bite. While they cooked – only 5 minutes a side – I began prepping the buns with the condiments and tomato and pickles. I didn’t even want to put cheese on these because I felt so sure that they were going to be incredible, and at this point, I was really craving that pure, wholesome taste.

First impressions? Mind blowing and unbelievable. I couldn’t believe how good they tasted. I honestly think that the taste and texture were so great, that they could fool a carnivore for a bit. These burgers are seriously tasty, and if they freeze as well as I’m hoping, I may never buy prepackaged ones again. The little crispy part that got cooked the most from the pan was heavenly, and the taste of the patty all on its own was glorious. I think that if these could be cooked (very carefully) on a barbeque, that they would mimic the real deal 100%.

All in all, I did well in choosing this recipe for my first vegan burger recipe from scratch. It was more than I could have ever hoped for, and I absolutely loved it.

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