This punny little recipe from 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson was served up in a jiffy. Luckily for me, since my back decided to seize on me half way cutting up the tofu. After a little lie-down, which allowed my rice to finish cooking, I returned to prepare the rest of the meal.

Relatively quick to put together, and only a couple different veggies to prep. To be honest, I prefer my stir fries to have an abundance of different vegetables, so many that I have to stir them carefully in the pan so as to not overflow them, but last night I was thankful for the simplicity of this one.

The sauce was creamy perfection- savoury, a little bit sweet, with the tiniest kick to it to finish it off. It made for an addicting dish that next time I would probably double the sauce for to be able to pour all over the rice.

The mushrooms were the real gems in this recipe. They soaked up the savoury essence of the sauce so much that they became little pockets of flavour in each bite. I’d make this one again, but I think I would toss in a whackload of more veggies.

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