A hockey injury got me looking for fast, simple yet filling dishes this week so that I could maximize my rest and recovery after work. I came across this recipe in 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson, which all in all has been an absolutely invaluable addition to my vegan cookbook library.

This few-ingredient recipe can be prepared in as long as it takes to make the pasta. I had bowtie pasta, so I decided to use that instead of linguine, but even the fastest pasta would be as long as it takes to make this recipe.

I used a stainless steel saucepan to cook my white kidney beans in, so I just used a potato masher right in the pan once I’d cooked them in the oil, lemon juice and herbs. Then that pot simply waited for the pasta to be done so I could use the pasta water. Perhaps since I mashed the beans (I’m not actually sure now if I was supposed to…) I needed much more than the ½ cup of pasta water to make it into a ‘sauce’ I could pour onto the pasta. This also meant that the next day’s lunch leftovers needed a splash of water before the zap in the microwave.

Because I always use whole wheat pasta, the bean sauce and the whole wheat pasta meant I was very full for a good long time after this quick and easy dish. It was also very minimal cleanup, which in the weeks to come will be a valuable thing for me in my journey to recovery!


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