Well it’s definitely evident that I haven’t mastered the art of cooking rice noodles. I think I cooked too many for too long too early, and when I finally had the sauce/veggies for this recipe ready, they were so sticky that I was almost more inclined to cut them out of the pot than scoop them with a spaghetti spoon.

I also realised only after making a special trip out to the grocer to get carrots and frozen peas, that I was completely out of edamame. So, not wanting to go back out, I debated briefly making another dish, but finally settled on this one from 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson knowing it would be an edamame-less dish. In hindsight, I would have been better off making something else, or going back to the grocer or at least substituting the edamame with something, because it would have added much needed protein and texture spectrum to dinner. As it was, even with a bowl filled with a quarter of the rice noodles I’d made, (are you supposed to use the whole bag?) I was hungry again before bedtime. (And a few hours after having it for lunch the next day)

All that aside, the dish still tasted great. As I mentioned, the rice noodles were ready much faster than I expected, so I skipped the part about cooking the carrots in a separate pan first, so they were a bit more ‘al dente’ than they would have been, but since they were shredded, it wasn’t really that off-putting. Once I added a bit of salt, the sauce tasted amazing. I would have preferred a creamier, thicker sauce, but it was very addictive despite how much I really did butcher the recipe.

So while I would make this dish again, I would try to do something to make the sauce thicker, and would make sure to have all the ingredients and cook it properly next time.


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