Another hidden gem lies in the ethnic menu section of 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson in Vegetable lo mein with tofu. It’s a fantastically addictive dinner that makes you want to go back to seconds and thirds… even when you’re full.

The prep in this non-intimidating dish is quote simple- no more complex than making a regular spaghetti with sauce dish just wish different ingredients- and takes about the same amount of time to prepare. I subbed the carrot for an orange pepper as I didn’t have any, and it worked all the same.

Sesame oil can make anything taste wonderful in my opinion, so perhaps I’m slightly biased with this dish, since the pasta is coated in it before being topped with the sautéed veggies and tofu. But in any event, I don’t think this dish could be any better with the addition of animal products. The tofu seems right at home in this Asian dish, and the whole wheat spaghetti I used in place of Shanghai noodles also felt right.

I couldn’t wait to eat more in my lunch leftovers the next day, and seriously doubted they would last long past breakfast time…

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