Dessert. The most important course in any fine meal, and a fine way to end this round of taste-off samples. This was the last dish that our panelists sampled in this batch of cooking. We finished off our menu of chickpea cakes, black bean soup, and stuffed peppers with chocolate brownies. They were two very different but very delicious brownies by the same author, and our panelists had a hard time selecting their favourites.

This week’s recipes were Chocolate Lover’s Brownies from Party Vegan by Robin Robertson which our panelists knew as the ‘taller brownie’ up against Double Chocolate Brownies from 1000 Vegan Recipes which our panelists knew as the ‘shorter brownie.’ As always, our panelists knew nothing of the ingredients, or the books from which they came. Two very different looking and tasting brownies by the same author- Which one came out on top?



Bobbie: “The taller brownie is sweeter and moister, and the short brownie is less sweet, which is not a bad thing. I think the shorter brownie would be better warmed up- perhaps with some ice cream!” Bobbie’s pick? Chocolate Lover’s Brownies




Candice: “The taller brownie is moist and ‘cakey’. It definitely seems to have more in common with cake than with brownies, and has an incredible flavour. The shorter brownie is a bit dry, but has a melt-in-my-mouth chocolate dream sensation. This one is definitely more brownie than cake.” Candice’s pick? Double Chocolate Brownies





Poppy: “The taller one is definitely moister, and has nice nut surprises in it. I kind of like the crunchier/chewier texture of the shorter brownie, and it has a really great flavour. ” Poppy’s pick? Chocolate Lover’s Brownies



Chocolate Lover’s Brownies wins out as the favourite brownie amongst our panelists, however as a non-vegan, I preferred the dense richness of the Double Chocolate Brownies, so if you take my vote into account, then we have a tie! I definitely agree with Bobbie, that if the Double Chocolate Brownie were to be heated up and served with some ice cream, that it could make for a most divine dessert.

From a preparation standpoint, I also preferred the method of the Double Chocolate Brownies over the Chocolate Lover’s Brownies, since they were just a bit simpler to make though I did begin to doubt if I’d made a mistake when I practically had to press the brownie ‘dough’ into the pan, versus pouring in batter. The dough for the Double Chocolate Brownies is also so good you could eat it straight out of the bowl and skip the baking step entirely- not that I ever would of course! It might also make an amazing cookie now that I think about it… I definitely want to make it again to see if the dryness of the batter was an anomaly somehow, or if that’s just how it’s prepared.

So, as that wraps up all the recipes we cooked up for this group of panelists, I’d like to thank Bobbie, Candice and Poppy for tucking in all evening on the various foods placed in front of them without an ounce of hesitation or skepticism and giving their opinions and choosing favourites. This coming weekend I host another party for a new group of friends with another group of duelling recipes, so stop by again next week and check out our new menu and panelists!

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