I spent last night and this morning reading my recipe books cover to cover, compiling like recipes which can be used for later taste-offs. I’ve got my next one planned for the Family Day long weekend next month as I only have 2 more entries left from the first taste off party left. Due to the success of the first official taste-off party, I’m setting my goal high this time, with 5 dishes and a beverage this time.

I don’t recommend reading recipe books while hungry. This morning, after preparing my first-ever vegan French toast, I dove into the last 4 books to add to the recipe pairings. Among these are the ones I’d saved for last because they were the biggest: The 30 Minute Vegan by Mark Reinfeld & Jennifer Murray, and 1000 Vegan Recipes by Robin Robertson.

I have never wanted to cook so many different dishes at the same time as I did today. Reading completely varying recipes from soups, desserts, curries, sandwiches, stuffed vegetables, rice dishes, back to back to back not only made me hungry, but made me hunger to cook. So, after I was finished noting all the comparative recipes in a notebook, I set to work making a peanut-coconut curry for lunch.

I made enough to have for dinner today since I needed to save enough time to pack a vegan-friendly snack to my bestie’s birthday extravaganza tonight. I’m thinking of making good old fashioned cookies since so often when I’m out it’s the baked goods I can’t trust, yet end up jonesing for the most.

Something to satisfy my sweet tooth will be just what I need…

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